The Ultimate Theragun Wall Mount: WALLEE by Feel Good Collab. Takes the Top Spot

The Ultimate Theragun Wall Mount: WALLEE by Feel Good Collab. Takes the Top Spot

Are you on a quest for the ultimate Theragun wall mount to elevate your recovery routine? Look no further! After conducting exhaustive testing and analysis, we've meticulously selected the top three Theragun wall mounts available. In this blog post, we'll delve into our findings and showcase why the WALLEE by Feel Good Collaborative stands out as the undisputed best choice.


Theragun Wall Mount

#1 - WALLEE by Feel Good Collab.

When it comes to Theragun wall mounts, the WALLEE by Feel Good Collab. reigns supreme. Explore why it has secured the coveted number one spot:

1. Sleek Aesthetics and Unwavering Stability: WALLEE seamlessly combines a sleek, minimalist design with robust construction, making it a perfect fit for any room while delivering unwavering stability, even during intense massage sessions.

2. Effortless Installation: Setting up the WALLEE is a breeze. With straightforward instructions and heavy-duty suction cup mounting hardware included, it transforms any massage gun into a hands-free device.

3. Versatile Mounting Options: Whether you're contemplating mounting your Theragun on a wall, door, or any smooth, non-porous surface, the WALLEE holder accommodates various mounting preferences with ease.

4. Travel-Friendly: WALLEE comes with a convenient ready-to-go mesh travel bag so you can enjoy a massage while on the road! This is perfect for those who travel to hotels often for work or even for sports players constantly on the road. Wherever you take your massage gun, you can take your WALLEE.

5. Built to Last: Feel Good Collab. has garnered acclaim for crafting durable and dependable fitness accessories, and the WALLEE is no exception. Engineered to withstand the rigors of daily use, it guarantees long-term satisfaction or your money back

At nearly have the price of the other 2 options, we love WALLEE at the #1 spot!

Price:  $44.95 w/Free Shipping



#2 - Monkee Mount

The Monkee Mount offers robust support for your Theragun but comes with some caveats that may not suit everyone:

1. Heavy-Duty Build: Monkee Mount is constructed with a focus on durability, securely holding your Theragun in place during use. Its heavy-duty build ensures long-lasting performance but it's a large, heavy option that only mounts on door frames.

2. Limited Portability: Due to its substantial weight and size, the Monkee Mount may not be the best choice for those who need a portable solution. Traveling with it can be cumbersome, making it more suitable for permanent installations.

3. Versatility: Several of the door frames we tested were not compatible with the Monkee Mount because they were either too wide. The mount opens up like a vice grip so if your door frame is too large, you might be out of luck.

Price:  $89.99 + shipping



#3 - QMount

QMount takes a unique approach to Theragun wall mounts, with a rail system offering stability but with certain limitations:

1. Permanent Installation: Designed for permanent setups, the QMount provides exceptional stability and durability. Once the track is attached to your wall, it's there to stay.

2. Limited Adjustability: While it ensures a secure hold, the QMount lacks the flexibility to adjust the angle or position of your Theragun. This lack of adjustability may be a drawback for users who prefer versatility in their recovery routines.

3. Vibration: By screwing the QMount track into a wall stud, we found this option to be the loudest of the bunch in terms of wall vibration. The other 2 options seemed to be much quieter with all the guns we tested. 

Price:  $89.99 + shipping

WINNER: WALLEE by Feel Good Collab.

In summary, when it comes to Theragun wall mounts, the WALLEE by Feel Good Collab. unquestionably stands as the best choice. Its seamless fusion of sleek aesthetics, unparalleled stability, effortless installation, versatile mounting options, and portability set it apart from the competition.

While the Monkee Mount offers robust support, its substantial weight and size may not suit those seeking a portable solution. Meanwhile, the QMount, designed for permanent installations, provides exceptional stability but lacks the flexibility for adjustable angles, potentially limiting its appeal to users who prefer versatile recovery routines.

For those seeking the ultimate Theragun wall mount to enhance their recovery experience, the WALLEE by Feel Good Collab. is the undisputed leader, promising unmatched performance and satisfaction. Make this top-notch choice your gateway to optimized recovery and relaxation.

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