Our Mission

Feel Good Collaborative is here to help you recover from muscle pain by providing high quality, effective massage tools so you can get back to living your best life. We believe that people should Feel Good and that great products should not be hard to find. Additionally, these products should not harm the planet, so we always source our products with sustainability in mind.

Founders Story

Even though founders of Feel Good Collaborative may have diverse backgrounds, we all have one thing in common: Chronic Back and Neck Pain.

We've all spent hours rolling on lacrosse balls & foam rollers every night. We limited our physical activities because of pain and spent thousands of dollars on professional treatment.

We all know how debilitating neck and back pain can be. This is why we decided to join forces and innovate solutions to not only relieve our pain, but also help the millions of others that are also experiencing similar challenges!

Meet the Team

  • Cory is a Digital Advertising Specialist with over 10 years of experience managing digital ad campaigns for global brands. He’s spent thousands of dollars on physical therapy and massage equipment, so he knows how expensive and time-consuming professional treatment can be. He is passionate about our product because it helped him recover and manage his pain from previous injuries and he is excited to share our story with the community.

  • Charles' background is actually in Aerospace Engineering but he has specialized in product development for over a decade. Around 2014 he was suffering from workplace related musculoskeletal disorders which led him to become a certified ergonomist. He loves learning about the human body and is passionate about using his skills and experience to help people and the planet.

  • Maricruz is a biomedical engineer and sustainability expert with over 9 years of Research and Development experience and less than a year away from completing her doctorate degree. She has suffered from neck and back pain mainly from sitting in the lab during long experiments which began to interfere with her extra-curricular activities. She became interested in healing herself to get back to doing everything she loves doing which is why she decided to start Feel Good Collaborative. She looks forward to developing innovative tools to make more people feel good.