The Best Way To Use Your Massage Gun & Relieve Your Back Pain Fast

The Feel Good Massage Gun Holder transforms your massage gun into a portable, hands-free massage system.

It’s the fastest and easiest way to relieve muscle pain in hard to reach areas like your neck and back. Use with your favorite massage gun on just about any wall or surface!

Man using theragun mini in massage gun holder around the scapular area at home gym

Release Knots In Hard-To-Reach Areas, On Your Own

Lean back and let your massage gun melt away muscle tension. The holder works with any handle shape up to 2.5in in diameter, including handles like the theragun mini. The heavy duty suction cup works on a wide variety of air tight surfaces, even lightly textured ones, to create a super strong hold.

Portable Design, Made From High Quality Materials

The Feel Good Massage Gun Holder is designed for travel. Its sleek and light weight (only 1lb) without sacrificing durability. Its constructed with the best quality ABS plastic, silicone rubber and stainless steel.

  • Vibration Absorbing

    Durable silicone rubber grip inserts reduce vibration and noise

  • Heavy-Duty Suction

    The super strong suction cup can hold up to 50lbs

  • Light-Weight & Portable

    At just 1lb, take it with you on the go using the convenient carry bag

Easy To Use, Superior Suction & Won't Damage Your Wall

The Feel Good Massage Gun Holder sets-up in seconds. Our suction-cup is inspired by the ones used to safely lift and transport large pieces of glass. So you can have piece of mind that they won't leave any marks on your wall.

  • Step 1 gif for securing suction cup to the wall with easy lever

    Step 1

    Place suction base at the desired height. Press down latch to secure.

  • Step 2 gif installing massage gun holder onto suction cup easily

    Step 2

    Line up the arrows on the base and the holder, then twist to lock.

  • Step 3  securing the massage into the mount

    Step 3

    Insert massage gun and tighten the screw snug.

  • Not only will your back and neck tension be massively reduced (or eliminated!), but the Feel Good holder will save you extra time & money by not having to go see an expensive professional.

    Did you know that the average person in the U.S. spends $4,500 annually on professional treatment for neck and back pain?

    Not to mention we prevent the frustration of having to ask a partner or friend to help you relieve your muscle pain only to have them limply hold your massage gun for 30 seconds while rolling their eyes.

  • Hands Free Massage Gun Holder